Early Career Awards

•     Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) 2017

•     Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Young Faculty Award, 2017

•     Office of Naval Research Director of Research Early Career Award, 2016

•     National Science Foundation CAREER Award 2015.

Best Paper Awards

•     G. Secinti, M. E. Ozcevik, K. R. Chowdhury, B. Canberk, "Dynamic Power Adjustment and Resource Allocation Framework for LTE Networks," in IEEE International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks (IEEE CAMAD), Toronto-CANADA, October 2016.

•     L. Chen, S. Cool, H. Ba, W. Heinzelman, I. Demirkol, U. Muncuk, K. R.  Chowdhury, and S. Basagni, Range Extension of Passive Wake-up Radio Systems through Energy Harvesting, in Proc. of IEEE ICC, Budapest, Hungary, June 2013.

•     A. H. Coarasa, P. Nintanavongsa, S. Sanyal, and K. R. Chowdhury, "Impact of Mobile Transmitter Sources on Radio Frequency Wireless Energy Harvesting," in Proc. of IEEE Intl. Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), San Diego, California, January 2013.

•     R. Doost-Mohammady and K. R. Chowdhury, "Enhancing Wireless Medical Telemetry through Dynamic Spectrum Access," in Proc. of IEEE ICC, Ottawa, Canada, June 2012.

•     K. R. Chowdhury and I. F. Akyildiz, "Interferer Classification, Channel Selection and Transmission Adaptation for Wireless Sensor Networks,'' Proc. of IEEE International Conf. on Comm. (ICC), Dresden, Germany, June 2009.


University Awards

•     College of Engineering Faculty Fellow 2016.

•     BWN Lab Researcher of the Year award, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007.  

•    Outstanding Master’s Thesis award by the ECE & CS departments, University of Cincinnati, 2006.

•    University Grant Scholarship from the University of Cincinnati for the academic years 2003 – 2005.