1. EECE 4628/4629: Computer and Telecommunications Networks- Undergraduate course which presents the fundamentals of networks using the Internet as an example. This course has a lab component where students implement classroom concepts in a practical environment.

- Fall 2009, Spring 2010-16, 18


2. EECE 7398: Special Topics: Wireless Cognitive Radio Networks- Advanced graduate course on the spectrum-aware operation of wireless networks, with emphasis on the inter-disciplinary nature of the topic. The course includes applications of machine learning, algorithms, communication theory and protocol design for dynamic spectrum access networks.

- Fall 2010


3. EECE 7364: Mobile and Wireless Networks- Graduate course covering the basics as well as advanced topics in wireless communication and networking, beginning with various generations of cellular systems, covering 802.11 flavors, and relevant topics such as sensor networking, personal area networks, ad hoc networks, among others. 

- Spring 2012-16, 19